Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Heat Pack Stuffed Animals

Dear Mummies,

We have specially designed these heat pack stuffed animals meant for young children. These stuffed animals are adorable to cuddle and at the same time provide soothing warmth when you use them as heat pack for your little ones. The heat pack can help young children to relax especially when they have wind in the tummy or feel extra comforting for those who sleep in air-conditioned room.

Our market research shows that the heat pack stuff animals are well-received by young children due to their adorable designs and also by the parents on the ease of usage.

Price : $12 each
Heat Pack Stuffed Animal

Leopard (left) / Hippo (right)


Lamb (left) / Monkey (right)

Measurement: Stuffed Animal – 25cm / Rice pack – 17cm x 5cm
Directions for use as a Heat Pack.
- Remove the rice pack from the stuffed animal
- Place the rice pack into the microwave and heat for 1-2 min.
As a precaution, place a cup of water inside the microwave.
- After heating, shake the rice pack to evenly distribute the heat and put the rice pack into the stuffed animal.
Note: Do not let the heated heat pack touch your baby

Thank you for shopping at Little Treasure Shop, have a beautiful day ahead...